Jason Jam! An SCBWI Montana Illustrator Spotlight

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Last Tuesday evening, the Billings community had the great opportunity to meet a beloved local artist and illustrator–Jason Jam! We invited Jason to come speak at our monthly SCBWI HobNob, share some of his artwork, and talk to us about his experiences as an illustrator.

Jason was halfway through his “100 Drawings in 100 Days” challenge, a project he started back in 2009. He brought his first 50 or so already completed drawings with him–less any that had been sold–and we got to take a closer look at them. They are even better in person than they are online!


Jason’s skill with pen and ink was obvious, but I wasn’t a bit surprised to learn that he also has a way with words and a wonderful sense of humor! It is easy to see where the wit, irony, and plays-on-words come from in his comics. Thank goodness he didn’t listen–back when his guidance counselor in school told him to keep his career options open, because “there isn’t any money in comics!”

We are all glad he followed his artist’s heart and kept right on drawing! His watercolor artwork and daily pen-and-ink drawings have built an ever-growing fan base of followers, and I can’t wait to see the next 50 drawings in his 100 day challenge!

To follow along with Jason and his drawings, you can follow his Instagram here:


And on Facebook here:

Jason Jam Gallery and Design

And here is the link to a great article about Jason and his 100 Drawings in 100 Days Challenge for 2019 in the Enjoy Billings:

100 Drawings in 100 Days

Thanks Jason Jam, for sharing your incredible talent with us! Here are some more photos from our fun evening!




I look forward to featuring more Montana illustrators like Jason Jam, in our SCBWI Illustrator Spotlight! If you are a Montana illustrator who would like to be featured at a future event, please get in touch with me here:

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