Farewell – Beloved Morning Nap, I Will Miss You

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Hank decided last week that he was a big 15-month-old, and he had WAY too many things to do in a day, to waste time napping TWICE.

I, on the other hand, disagreed with him on that sentiment, and tried my heart out to adhere to the morning-and-afternoon-nap schedule.

It didn’t work. He won.

So, here we are, week two of only one nap a day, and we are doing just great! (Well, he is doing just great and I am dragging ass, but thoroughly enjoying my extra cup of coffee in the mornings–the one it takes to get me all the way from wake-up to the almighty afternoon nap.)


We can sit here as long as you want, Mama, I’m not napping

Here I was thinking that he would make it to eighteen months (at least!), before he kicked the morning nap I loved so much. The nap that allowed me to shower in peace, to eat eggs that were actually WARM, to sneak off to work early, to fold the clothes that just came out of the dryer, etc., without chasing him around like a crazy person trying to accomplish all some of those things while he wrecked havoc all over the house. (And ok, I will admit it; the clothes NEVER get folded right after they come out of the dryer. Maybe they do in my dreams.)

Ahhhhhh, those were lovely mornings.

Nowadays, we just go directly from wake-up (zero) to full-bore playtime (sixty) in about 5.2 seconds, and we now stay there until 12:30 or 1:00, when we crater.

And I mean CRATER. I have never seen a little boy nod off in a highchair, until this week. I have never hauled a sleepy baby in from a car seat, and actually PUT HIM BACK DOWN TO SLEEP, until this week.

But here is the part that makes no sense to me whatsoever: Shouldn’t a one-hour morning nap and a one-hour afternoon nap convert into one TWO-HOUR afternoon nap?

Shouldn’t it?

Well, no. At least not by Hank’s logic. He just graduated himself into one more hour of play time. So mama just earned herself one more cup of stout, sugared-up coffee.

And I don’t even want to think about the day when we will have to go to NO NAP AT ALL. Hopefully, I have years before that happens.

If I don’t, please just don’t tell me.  Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.


Tired? Do I LOOK Tired? YOU are the one who looks tired, Mama!

14 thoughts on “Farewell – Beloved Morning Nap, I Will Miss You

  1. When my little guy outgrew naps altogether, we instituted quiet time. He plays quietly in his room and this momma gets a break. He’s 6 now and still loves his quiet time when we get home from school. The down side to this is his room is always a mess but at least it’s a happy, play mess!

    1. Oh good, I will definitely have to do quiet time too! It sounds like a life saver! And yep I’m good with happy messes too 😉

  2. I remember reading a story about a mother purposely driving around with her baby to let the smooth ride induce the baby into napping. She found solitude in driving in peace as the baby napped–though she did admit that the car gas bill was a tad higher than usual. Of course, this short nap would end everytime the mother pulled into the driveway.
    Everyone should have a mandatory siesta!

    1. Haha yep this lil man falls asleep in the car too! That may be my back up plan today if all else fails! I’m hoping for a siesta later for sure 😉

  3. This is great! My little girl is also 15 months and tried to go from two naps to one, but luckily for now I’ve tricked her into taking her morning nap by taking her for a walk in her stroller, where I know the little bumps and street noises will put her to sleep in no time! I too have already succumbed to an extra cup of strong, sweet coffee, and truly look forward to her afternoon nap. Cheers (coffee cups clink) and good luck!

    1. Oh that is brilliant! I may have to try that, as the one nap thing is killing me, especially today, after only 4 hours of sleep last night (thank you, molars!) Lol! Clinking that cup right back! Thanks for reading!

  4. Oh, I LOVE it when I get some time to myself during nap time. Hardly ever happens these days because my younger two very rarely sleep at the same time but when it does it’s a very, very good day.

    And my washing never gets folded straight away, either. 🙂

    1. Lol!! Thanks so much!! It is funny, isn’t it, how it is crazy and exhausting but we love it so much anyways!? There are days I want to scream but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 😉 Thanks for the kind comments!

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