5 Things I Learned Today

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As a proud boymom of four rough and tumble stud-muffins (counting my three awesome stepsons), I am constantly learning things that take me by surprise.

Today was an especially exciting day full of (mis)adventures, and here are five handy little good-to-knows I took home from all the fun!

  1. A toddler can catch himself–and I mean completely save himself from falling down a row of bleachers by grabbing onto his mama’s ponytail. And surprisingly enough, even if that toddler weighs 25 pounds, it won’t even pull any of mama’s hair out! (She will, though, need a few advil for the headache that comes directly after saving a child’s life via ponytail.)
  2. Once a little boy learns how to run, HE WILL HAVE PERMANENTLY SCRAPED KNEES. Both of them. Especially when it is 90 degrees outside for weeks straight and just way too hot for long pants.
  3. Cherry limeade comes up out of carpet much better than you might think it would. (Sidenote- toddlers can also reach much higher than you think they can. So if you think that your cup is out of reach, just go ahead and put it up somewhere even higher. Your carpet will thank me.)
  4. Yogurt squeeze packets are the worst invention ever. But they are really, really fun for toddlers. If mama is busy doing dishes, and the aforementioned toddler holds one by the bottom with the top unscrewed, and spins in circles all around the kitchen, it will make pretty pink designs all over the sides of the island! And the floor, and the table and chairs, and the barstools. . .
  5. And lastly: Little boys can pretty much get away with murder. Because they are just so damn adorable. This mama is in BIG trouble!!!

Yep, better wash that off before it dries

13 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned Today

  1. Great Post. Funny, yet educational. I dont have any kids, but I have experience helping babysit my many siblings and cousins. Toddlers are amazing super humans. They can do things adults are terrified of. and if they do put themselves in harms way, theyre able to bounce back immediately.

  2. Amazing…. You really must have a lot of fun with ur sons…. You must be a very proud mother….
    Hats off to you!!

  3. Haha! I couldn’t agree more. When we got a dog, I learned that I could us him to be my living vacuum cleaning on the kids messes!

  4. Applesauce pouches too! Ayyyy why can’t they just eat the stuff??
    And that life saving pony tail experience sounds painful, but good job pony tail!!

    1. Yes!!!! I am strictly no-pouch these days haha I couldn’t handle the mess!! And yes I needed lots of advil that night but it sure did save the day! LOL! Thanks for reading 😉

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